Three Days in the Bay

Bay Area that is.  Finishing up my first business trip to S.F. of the baseball season and caught the first two games of the Detroit series.
Work in the City, Bart over for night games.  First live baseball of the year.  God, I love baseball season. (Not all positive though - missed my first game coaching my son's little league).
Some observations from Tuesday and Wednesday nights:
-While I want the best for the A's, new stadium and more revenue, I love being able to walk up before the game and purchase great seats.  Sort of a catch 22.  Definitely gives me a better understanding of the feeling of those residing in Oakland.
-Along those same lines, while I appreciate getting great seats (in 116 and 118), I was disappointed with the turn out.  I know they were the Tigers but 17K for a giveaway, 18K for $2 seat Wednesday, and perennially winning team...the A's have got to be asking themselves, `What do we gotta do?'
-Cannot  remember the last time I had such a nice view of the plate.  From 116, I was just a hair to the first base side of the plate.  The break on Duke's curve blew me away.  Something you do not get watching on TV...or from too many vantage points in the park either.
-Swisher is looking real comfortable...even from the right side of the plate.
-Loaiza is looking better.  His fast ball is creeping up in velocity.
-It really hurts to give the day off to two great defensive players on the same night.
-Saarloos needs more work.
-The lefties out of our pen looked good last night.
-I wish I could make today's game to get the taste of last night's game out of my errors...ouch.
-Kielty looked terrible at the plate.  I thought he was supposed to be in the minors getting regular playing time to make up for his limited Spring.  Played like he had been sitting on the bench all of April.

And last but not least, it was great to meet some ANers for the first time outside of AN Day 2.  I was heading towards the Bart ramp after Wednesday's game and I heard drums.  I made my way over and asked a guy (turned out to be Duke), `Which one of you is Saint?'  So I met Saint, Duke, SAM, and (sorry, can't remember the exact username for the last person - I know it has to do with Huston Street).  It was nice to meet you all.  I wish I had more time to hang out.

My next live A's action - in Anaheim May 1st and 2nd.

Let's-go Oak-land!

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