DLD 4/19: Cisco A's of Fremont

This breaking AP report says that the A's and Cisco Systems are nearing a deal for the Pacific Commons land:

The Oakland A's are in the final stages of negotiating to build a new ballpark in Fremont on land leased by Cisco Systems Inc., a city official said.

The team's co-owner Lew Wolff wants to build a ballpark village including thousands of homes and a retail center on a 143-acre parcel of land, City Manager Fred Diaz said.

Weeks ago, the Tracy Press wrote an article about Fred Diaz, Fremont's city manager who was Tracy's city mamager before taking up the Fremont job (hat tip vertig0/new ballpark blog):

What the A's and Fremont people are talking about is locating the new A's stadium on a 143-acre parcel now owned by Cisco Systems Inc. The site, called Pacific Commons, is located just west of Interstate 880 -- and across the freeway from the NUMMI auto-assembly plant -- south of Auto Mall Parkway.

Wolff is interested in building a ballpark along with 2,000 homes and a major retail complex, moving money from the sale of the homes into the stadium to avoid any public financing.

Wolff is now talking to Cisco, which has a long-term lease on the property and an option to buy it between 2007 and 2010.

So is the AP report a rehash of what we already know, or is it reporting progress?

In other news, AN's favorite Berkeleyite (Berkelian?  Berkeleyan? Berkeleyese?) reztips has apparently found a new online home, the SF Chronicle A's blog, posting a comment of which I can only characterize as "reztips being reztips."

When the A's move to Fremont, they should emphatically lose the name "Oakland." That decrepit burg never merited the team and despite low ticket prices, its populace has failed to support a winner over the past five excellent seasons. Yes, it's time to turn the page and rename the team either "The NorCal A's" or "The Golden State A's."

Don't you just love his use of big words like "empahtically," "decrepit" and "populace."  I just felt as if my IQ just dropped 20 points or so.  I wouldn't be surprised if it did, it took me seven years to get my Bachelor's degree.

On a more serious note, I am still amazed at how somebody from Berkeley can have such a hostile attitude against Oakland.  Fremont, Pleasanton, anywhere in the Peninsula, I can understand, but Berkeley? That's close to self loathing.

Some Wikipedia love:

I've added some photos to the Mount Davis article and the McAfee Coliseum article.  Look for the pics with the tarps.


AN has its own article.  I wrote it one night not unlike this one where I was suffering a bout of insomnia.  Originally, it was Tyler Bleszinski because Blez's brother Cliff has his own article.  So I wrote an article about Blez but it was up for deletion.  In a compromise, the article was kept the the emphasis was changed from Blez to AN.  So I did a quick rewrite, I'm satisfied with the quality, it is much better article than the Blez article was.  Feel free to add stuff to it, just make sure it's not overtly biased or anything.

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