DLD - 4_13_06 - Oakmont A's? Freland A's?

Yesterday it was Fremont.

Now it's back in Oakland... for now.

Wolff and the team's current landlord, the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority, are in preliminary negotiations for a contract extension at McAfee Coliseum.

While the deal would keep the A's in town until at least 2010, it appears likely that the team will have the option to stay another three years or to leave without penalty if it relocates inside Alameda County.

"We have been talking to them. I think in a couple of weeks we will have it finalized," said City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente, who is the authority vice chairman. "It's not that complicated of a deal."

Something we all know about the Big Healthy. Home run first AB, slump after that, yada yada yada.

This part kinda made me smile:

During the Twins' home opener Tuesday, Thomas was booed during pregame introductions and before every at-bat. That's not unusual here. His 45 homers against the Twins are the most he's hit against any team. He also has 125 RBI in 162 career games against Minnesota.

I'm not really freaking out because he has been hitting behind Chavvy, who has been KILLING THE BALL. He's having a positive effect on the lineup without having to be a masher. Let's not jump off any bridges yet.

Also in that article - Kotsay to sit today because of the nasty Metrodome turf.

We blame Macha, Loaiza blames witchcraft.

"I hope no one has a curse against me, someone put a little voodoo stuff on me," he said. "I know people are thinking why would they give me a three-year deal for so much money. ... I've only pitched eight innings, given up so many runs, given up so many homers, (allowed) so many walks. This is the first time in my career I've had two starts where I've done that."

Loaiza's velocity is down -- which A's manager Ken Macha admitted was a concern -- but it increased against the Twins. He amped his fastball up to about 85-87 mph range, but he felt he was throwing harder.

"I felt strong," he said. "I felt I can take it up to 92, 93. I told (Rich) Harden, 'That's not the fastball I'm throwing. I'm throwing harder than 85.'"

Swisher hot, Johnson not.

"You never see the great hitters try to do too much, you never see them overswing," Swisher said. "I do that. I overswing. I do too much, instead of what's needed. Tonight was nice. I didn't feel like I was swinging hard, it was nice and easy."

At the other end of the sophomore slugger spectrum is Dan Johnson, who went 0-for-4 and is hitless in 23 at-bats to start the year.

"I'm just not getting results," Johnson said. "What are you going to do? Keep trucking away."

A year ago, Charles Thomas had an 0-for-24 to start the year. Joe Wallis holds the Oakland record at 0-for-27 from 1979.

Hatte, Stairs, Myers, Thomas among baseball's slowest players.

Little did people know, this home run trot took 30 minutes. They sped it up for television.

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