Monday Rants

This diary is for my girlfriend who pointed out that maybe my writer's block could be helped by writing about something I'm passionate about, namely baseball.  With the A's being off today and it still being early enough in the season, I figured, what the New York (or hell, which ever you prefer)...

Some things that have come to my mind this season:

I'm finally okay with the Jason Kendall acquisition because of the Frank Thomas acquisition.  I mean, in my mind Thomas is making Kendall's 10M and Kendall, Thomas' 2.6M.  Hey, it helps me sleep better to think we're paying a weak hitting catcher who is loved by the pitching staff (usually these guys are back ups by the way) 2.6M, okay?

If the A's move to Fremont does that mean we're going to have Fremont jerseys?  God I hope not!  Or will they refer to us as the Alameda A's?  Both sound little JC's to me.  Maybe the Oakland A's of Alameda County located in Fremont, California?  And I thought the Angels had problems.

Speaking of the A's stadium issues; I was at all three games and find it very, as in extremely, ironic that the A's couldn't pack the stadium with fewer seats for the Yankees with the top deck closed off, like they could with it open.  Maybe, just maybe, too many walk up fans aren't bothering to make the trip because they assume the games are/will be sold out.  Irony, you gotta love it!

Of course I'm one who was against the deck closings.  I would have preferred the A's fix up the inside first.  You know, maybe by going with a bank line format for there concession stands so that you can walk by and don't end up paying for getting stuck behind the Yankees/Giants fan who is too confused by hot dog and Coliseum dog!

And lastly (for now), maybe if the A's were serious about staying in Oakland they'd come up with an idea to incorporate the city's needs into their stadium solution.  For example, Oakland needs economic help (build a shopping mall around the stadium), better schooling/programs (perhaps an after school youth center could be incorporated in the stadium), etc.  I mean, can you imagine the turn out and support a team would get from a city indebted to them?

But enough about the off the field issues.  On the field this team looks unbeatable in a three, five or seven game series.  The individual pitchers are almost incapable of back to back bad performances, the line up can score with a single the other way just as easily as with the three run jimmy jack and the defense is the best in the league even if you don't see us on SportsCenter.  Hmmm....I guess I really don't have to write about the on the field stuff...I mean, Billy's pretty much take care of that stuff.

Okay, so that's my diary and the most I've written in the last few days.  Huh, I hate it that my girl's ALWAYS right.  

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