DLD Weekend Edition: Rain, rain, go away...

The first rains in 143 days cancelled five Cactus League games, including the A's vs. Giants. Danny Haren, who was supposed to start today against former college teammate, Noah Lowry, will start tomorrow against the Orange County Angels of GodKnowsWhatTheyAreCallingThemselvesToday (OCAOGKWTACTT for short!!).

However, the Battle of the Bay will go on!

Right-hander Justin Duchscherer and his wife, Michele, hosted a "Battle of the Bay" Video Game Challenge on Saturday in Tempe to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Arizona Chapter.

The event features A's and Giants players who will square off in the Home Run Derby mode of 2K Sports' Major League Baseball 2K6.

A's "Extra Innings" host Robert Buan broadcast the event live from Gordon Biersch Brewery on KYCY 1550-AM and KNTS 1220-AM in the Bay Area.

Proceeds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society will be raised through live and silent auctions, as well as the sale of raffle tickets and commemorative T-shirts.

Kielty is apparently having some trouble with that danged oblique muscle...let's hope it isn't contagious. Seattle Mariners Gil Meche suspect in the first contamination of Kielty.

Crosby is anxious to play, but will wait until the rain finally goes away.

"I was expecting it to rain," Crosby said. "I was looking forward to playing. I can live with one more day."

Milton Bradley is enjoying the friendly A's.

"For the most part, the guys, my teammates, everybody is pretty cool. Everybody talks to everybody, everybody likes everybody. You do things as a team and a unit." His new teammates aren't casting judgment about Bradley's past but rather focusing on what he can do to get them back in the playoffs after a two-year drought. "He's funny, he's completely opposite of everything that's been written about him," Chavez said. "Obviously there have been some unfortunate situations with him, but coming into it I think everybody was open minded and there was no doubt in anybody's mind that he was going to have a good time here and he was going to get along with the guys. Since I've been here, there haven't been any jerks or bad personalities."
As far as I can tell, the A's could loosen up anyone. Team chemistry is NOT a weakness.

Finally, Round 2 of the World Baseball Classic will commence tomorrow. Match-ups:
Cuba vs Venezuela
Japan vs the USA
Puerto Rico vs the Dominican Republic
Korea vs Mexico

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