GOG Results (by points) and suggestions for this year?[POLL ADDED}

Yes, I finally got off my a** and compiled the point totals for last years GOG. I don't have the averages---mostly because I didn't have a good way of calculating them last year. This year I'll do a better job of keeping track as the season progresses, so the work isn't so monumental at the end of the season.

Anyway, here are the final standings by point total:

1    easyraider    316
2    GeneNelsonsMullet    291
3    HangMan    287
4    BrianIn317    281
5    AsGirl    274    
6    Devo    268      
7    FormerHuntsvilleStar    260
8    arch    254
9    Alien    248    
10    Nebraska    247
11    gigglingone    244
12    Fongpay    238
13    dylan    229
14    Kyli    220
15    OaktownPower    213
T16    streetfan    212
T16    Donner    212
T18    jjjsixsix    211
T18    mkt    211
T18   vignette17    211
21    BaseballBrian    204
22    LifeLongEastCoastAthleticsFan    195
23    athleticsfan4ever    176
24    peanutgallery    174
25    secretAsianMan    169
26    lurkerD    162
27    pBruins92    157
28    redruin    155
T29    highstreet    150
T29    SanTropez    150  
31    ZeroIndulgence    148
32    F171615    145  
33    WhiteElephantGuy    143
34    ChavyFan03    139
35    gojohn10    137
T36    DirtbagPride    134
T36    SteveInNapa    134
38    saint    133
T39    doublehustle22    130
T39    Plunkage    130
41    fadedash    114
T42    Carney4ever    108
T42    bzkrlysb    108
44    almostreggie    107
45    maxnelson    103
46    captainamerica    101  
47    ChavysGrl3    96        
48    SLOtown    88
T49   RoscoeParrish    86
T49   sslinger    86
51    guy    83          
52    EricInAtlanta    76
T53    salb918    74
T53    SoCalAsFan    74  
55    Zonis    73
56    angryfireburning    66      
T57   xratedaldridge04    61
T57   jlaff    61
T59    cutthemullet    56
T59    athleticsfanandrunner    56

I only included the top 60, because there were over 150 members who played at some point in the year, and only played once or twice.

For this year, I'm not going to do one for every series. Its just too much work, and I'm a lot busier right now. So this is what I'm thinking...

--A preseason GOG which will include predictions for both all of baseball and for the A's
--A GOG every three series which will have questions pertaining to all three.
--Separate GOG's for particularly big/important series.

For those of you who are new to AN, the GOG is a game wherein a number of questions are asked about a particular series, and posters compete for points.

An EXAMPLE from last year is:

(from a Red Sox series)

# Series Outcome (Four Games):
# Best SP performance by an Athletic:
# Total runs scored by A's in series:
# Outcome of Angels four-gamer with Tigers:
# Who hurts the A's more---Manny or Papi?
# Seeking Revenge---Paytons H/HR/RBI?
# Asleep at the wheel---Chavvys RBI/K/E?
# Total number of doubles to LF for both teams:
# Bermuda Triangle--A's errors in series:
# Do the A's blow a ninth inning save?
# A's reliever to pitch the most innings:

I'm planning on following the same format as last year.

I'd like this to serve as a forum for suggestions for this years game. What did you like/dislike about last year? Questions you might like to see, etc., to make the game better this year.

Again, sorry I dropped the ball in getting last years results soon, but I'm going to be more on top of things this year (spending the summer away from my A's in Chicago is going to glue me to the computer:)


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