2007 Predictions

Number One: The Oakland Athletics Win the World Series.  Texas (yes, Texas) wins the West, the Tigers take the Central and the Yanks (with Z) win the East, leaving us the Wild Card winner.  We take out NY (by beating Zito in Game 5, 1-0), before beating Detroit in four and taking the Series against LA in five.

Number Two: Oakland starts the season 10-26 and finishes on a 68-28 tear to race past Chicago and Toronto for the Wild Card.  (The Angels see a horrible "sophomore slump" from half their team and barely finish over .500 and Boston's pitching and defense make them the new Texas Rangers)

Number Three: Rich Harden stays healthy, finishes second in the Cy Young.  Danny Haren leads the team in wins with 19 and starts the AL All Star Game.  Joe Blanton pitches a no-no against Seattle.  Loaiza wins three more games than he loses and the fifth spot in the rotation remains unsolved by season's end.

Number Four: Swisher and Chavez both hit 40 bombs, with Swisher batting over .300 and Chavez picking up another gold glove at 3B.  Bradley, given a four year deal, thrives as the team's lead off hitter from May on, batting .298 on the season and finishing in the top 5 in runs scored.

Number Five: Piazza struggles in April, hitting .220 with three homers.  His best month comes in October, when he hits .440 with 6HRS and 15 RBI, taking ALCS MVP honors.

Number Six: Dan Johnson earns the first base job out of spring training and leads the team in batting average at a .326 clip.  Barton is allowed another year in the minors, where he earns MVP honors and is set to become the team's starting 1B in '08, with Johnson becoming the everyday DH.

Number Seven:  Billy Beane shocks the baseball world and pulls off a mid season trade for Andrew Jones.  Splitting time between the NL and AL makes Jones the first player ever to win a gold glove for both leagues in the same season.  Wolff and co don't offer him a contract at season's end, leaving the left handed heavy A's AGAIN searching for a right handed stick.

Number Eight: Bobby Crosby stays healthy and has best year of career (.280/27/86), but  
Mark Ellis (while winning his first gold glove) is traded in the Jones' deal along with rookie/Kotsay fill-in Travis Buck.  Marco Scutaro fills in by hitting a solo homer off of Zito in the 7th of the Game 5 ALDS.

Number Nine: Both Mark Kotsay (back) and Jason Kendall (elbow, after a HBP) spend most of the season on the DL, giving way to Melhuse and youngsters Baker and Buck.

Number Ten: Huston Street leads all relievers in ERA, although he only saves 3 games (with 4 blown saves) as he is replaced early in the season by new closer Justin Duchscherer.

Number Eleven: I, after watching the A's win the championship the way I predicted, go the 7-11 and win California's largest lottery ever, and buy majority share in the A's.  I sign Jones to play center in '08, Santana to pitch alongside Harden in '09 and both Pujols and Rodriguez in 2011.  Needless to say, the A's don't win a title under my ownership.

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