What is Wrong with Joe Blanton??

Ok, I have to ask! I have been thinking about this since the play offs and recently with all the trade rumors swirling, I started to stew on the topic. Many here on AN have brought this thought to the table and I held my tongue. Now I read Urban's Mailbag and that just sent me over the edge.


Why did he not get a start in the Play Offs? Why are we trying to deal him for OUTFIELDERS?!? Why is he not getting the respect he deserves??

He is young, talented, and only Barry Zito won as many games as Big Joe. Notice I said AS MANY! They both won 16 games, no other pitcher on the team came close to that mark, and yet, Zito started 2 play off games and could be leaving us for a record breaking Free Agent Signing. Then there is Joe who didn't start ANY play off games and could be dealt for outfielders? How does that work? What is it that I am missing??

"It wouldn't surprise me if Blanton were dealt, though, because the A's do have a number of potential starters in the organization to step in for him, and if giving him up would net a good starting outfielder, I think the A's would have to strongly consider making the deal." - Mychael Urban.

Ok, so who are these potential starters? Komine? Windsor? Kennedy? Who? I mean one of these guys already has to "fill in" for Zito. And I am sorry, but really! DOWN GRADE!! Now we may be asking ANOTHER one to "fill in" for Blanton? Good God! So now we are, in theory, getting rid of our two winningest pitchers and filling those holes in the rotation with guys who couldn't last more than a game or two before being sent back down or to the bull pen. And don't even get me started on what on earth we will do if Harden gets hurt, AGAIN! I shudder at the thought!! I mean absolutely no disrespect to any of the potential pitchers, they are all good in their own right, but they are no Blanton and certainly no Zito.

And then to trade him for an outfielder!?! Ok, I get the logic there, I don't have any dispute with trading a pitcher for a position player, but why would you do it when your starting rotation is already so unbelievably thin? I just don't understand.

And frankly, the more and more I think about it, the more and more I get upset about it. Joe is a great pitcher. He is only in his second full season as a big league starter, and chances are he is only going to get better. So why are we thinking of dumping him now?

I just don't get it. What am I missing? And I don't want to hear any of this "His trade value is high" thing! I don't care if it was through the roof! What good does that do us if we don't have anyone SOLID to fill his big shoes? Someone help me out here!

PS: I know I missed a bunch of birthdays recently, but my life has been a bit insane lately. Things are now slowing down and I am able to focus again. So I am going to take care of all the Sagittarius Guys in the next couple days. And I want to wish Blez a very Happy Belated Birthday!

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