With only a few hours left before the A's take the field against the juggernaut of Detroit, I felt it appropriate to shine a little light of perspective on things. I want to go on record and say, regardless of what happens in the next few days this season is one of my favorites as an A's fan.

By no means does this mean that I have given up. 8 teams have tried and none have come back from losing the first 2 games at home in an LCS. That said, there is a first time for everything. If this year proves to be the first it will not make the season for me as a fan, it will only enhance an already outstanding one.

In July, I was watching the Rangers play on ESPN. It was very tight time in the division, the A's lead by half a game over the Angels and 1 over the Rangers. Well, maybe it was the Rangers by half a game and the Angels by a game. In any event, Rick Sutcliffe said, "The Rangers should win the division, because they are the best team but you can't count out a Mike Soscia managed club."

Reason number 1: Rick didn't mention the A's in the sentence, they proved him stupid.

One great thing about being an A's fan in the recent past has been the fact that when I watch a game on TV, or listen on my XM I hear or see a player I love. It is kind of the half full part of the glass when it comes to the players leaving. I get to see Matt Stairs hit a big home run for the Royals and it take me back to Matt Stairs taking Kaz Sazaki deep to walk off a winner in 2001. There are countless examples of this for me each year.

Reason number 2: Milton Bradley and Mark Kotsay are now in that realm for me. I hope they both play in Oaktown forever, but if they don't, I will always love them like I love Tejada, Ramon, Giambi, Hudson, McGwire, Henderson, Stewart, etc.

The final thing that I really loved about the season is that it really could be a launching pad. I think a lot of folks think that Billy Beane's reign as a genius is coming to an end. I disagree. Haren, Swisher, Street (though I would like it if Huston quit getting ripped) etc. The A's have a wealth of young talent and we watched some of them blossom into prime time players.

Reason number 3: The A's have most of the key components ot this team locked up for the next 3-5 years. This is going to be a good team for a while.

In the end, what I would like to have most is a World Series ticket that I used. But rather than have a Florida Marlins team that wins once and sucks for years after I love the fact that I have a team to root for from February to October every year. Go A's!!!

What are your reasons for enjoying this season to date?

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