A Look at the AL West Contenders

I was bored, so here we go. Lets take a look at our competition. The rest of the AL West, their rosters, and

what we can expect. I'll skip the Mariners, and just go with the A's/Rangers/Angels.

Stat Catagories;
Offense: 2005 Equivilent Batting Average/3 Year AVG/3 Year OBP/3 Year SLG/3 Year OPS/

Pitching: 3 Year ERA/3 Year BAA/3 Year OBP/3 Year SLG/3 Year OPS

Source: ESPN, BaseballProspectus (EQA)

*Equivalent Average*. A measure of total offensive value per out, with corrections for league offensive level,

home park, and team pitching. EQA considers batting as well as baserunning, but not the value of a position

player's defense. The EqA adjusted for all-time also has a correction for league difficulty. The scale is

deliberately set to approximate that of batting average. League average EqA is always equal to .260. EqA is

derived from Raw EqA, which is (H + TB + 1.5*(BB + HBP + SB) + SH + SF) divided by (AB + BB + HBP + SH + SF +

CS + SB). REqA is then normalized to account for league difficulty and scale to create EqA.

So lets start us off, we'll begin with the Texas Rangers.

Texas Rangers:
C1: Rod Barajas - .264/.244/.286/.430/.716
1B: Mark Teixiera - .320/.282/.362/.541/.903
2B: Ian Kinsler - Not Available
3B: Hank Blalock - .261</.279/.340/.483/.823
SS: Micheal Young - .309/.317/.359/.481/.840
LF: David Dellucci - .300/.242/.347/.453/.800
RF: Brad Wilkerson - .269/.257/.368/.456/.824
CF: Gary Matthews Jr. - .265/.257/.325/.413/.738
DH: Kevin Mench - .274/.276/.337/.496/.833

Average EQA = .283

SP: Kevin Millwood - 3.83/.257/.311/.400/.711
SP: Adam Eaton - 4.33/.261/.319/.426/.745
SP: Vincent Padilla - 4.19/.258/.328/.438/.766
SP: Kameron Loe - 3.56/.253/.321/.381/.702
SP: Juan Dominguez - 4.60/.277/.342/.451/.793
CL: Francisco Cordero - 2.82/.230/.311/.313/.624

Anahiem Angels:
C1: Jose Molina - .233/.232/.273/.329/.602
1B: Darin Erstad - .256/.277/.330/.374/.704
2B: Adam Kennedy - .274/.282/.350/.392/.742
3B: Dallas McPherson - .260/.241/.293/.453/.746
SS: Orlando Cabrera - .253/.274/.321/.405/.726
LF: Garett Anderson - .264/.300/.332/.479/.811
RF: Vladamire Guerrero - .335/.328/.401/.584/.985
CF: Chone Figgins - .282/.293/.350/.401/.751
DH: Casey Kotchman - .295/.252/.322/.384/.706

Average EQA = .274

SP: Bartolo Colon - 4.09/.255/.303/.426/.729
SP: John Lackey - 4.24/.271/.331/.414/.745
SP: Kelvim Escobar - 3.96/.250/.323/.382/.705
SP: Ervin Santana - 4.65/.266/.333/.447/.780
SP: Hector Carrasco - 2.91/.218/.310/.337/.647
CL: Fransisco Rodriguez - 2.50/.175/.264/.283/.547

Oakland Athletics:
C1: Jason Kendall - .249/.305/.381/.375/.756
1B: Nick Swisher - .269/.238/.325/.443/.768
2B: Mark Ellis - .301/.278/.344/.417/.761
3B: Eric Chavez - .280/.275/.356/.492/.848
SS: Bobby Crosby - .283/.249/.326/.431/.757
LF: Jay Payton - .261/.279/.332/.447/.779
RF: Milton Bradley - .290/.290/.379/.463/.842
CF: Mark Kotsay - .263/.288/.347/.424/.771
DH: Dan Johnson - .287/.275/.355/.451/.806

Average EQA = .276

SP: Barry Zito - 3.87/.234/.308/.370/.678
SP: Rich Harden - 3.60/.232/.308/.342/.651
SP: Dan Haren - 4.13/.265/.316/.424/.740
SP: Joe Blanton - 3.61/.235/.298/.394/.692
SP: Estiban Loaiza - 4.02/.265/.317/.406/.723
CL: Huston Street - 1.72/.194/.265/.267/.532

Yes, I know that averaging the EQA is not exactly the greatest way to do things, especially since I don't know

Ian Kinslers EQA or stats at all, being a minor leaguer. But, its the best I can do. Bite me.

If .260 is a league average hitter, but ideally you would want a guy with a .270 EQA, lets see what teams have

holes where.

Ranger's Holes:
Catcher (.264)
Third Base (.261)
Center Field (.265)
Second Base (???)

Four holes. Wilkerson had a down year and was in an extreme pitchers park, so I will give him the benefit of

the doubt. They have a good lineup at first glance, but it could be very vulnerable in reality.

Angel's Holes:
Catcher (.233)
First Base (.256)
Third Base (.260)
Short Stop (.253)
Left Field (.264)

Five holes. That is a bad lineup. They have four hitters who can do something, and do it pretty well. But they

have four hitters who can't do anything. Left Field might improve, or get worse. Third Base can only improve

with health. But I doubt that this lineup will win anything with out excellent pitching.

Athletic's Holes:
Catcher (.249)
Left Field (.261)
Center Field (.263)

So the A's really have three holes. I give NicK Swisher an exception because of the 2nd year improvemnt I

expect from him. Kotsay might be better if his back recovers. Kendall? Well, it depends on if he goes back to

his career averages. Jay Payton? League Average at best. But, he is slightly better on offense then Kendall.

Really, we do need to replace his bat with Frank Thomas (.299 EQA).

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