LateDLD 1-2-06 - Lineup fun!

Mychael Urban gave his off-season in review on ths official website. Blez already started a discussion on this here.

Urban also posted a potential Opening Day lineup:

  1. C Jason Kendall
  2. CF Mark Kotsay
  3. RF Milton Bradley
  4. 3B Eric Chavez
  5. SS Bobby Crosby
  6. DH Dan Johnson
  7. LF Jay Payton
  8. 1B Nick Swisher
  9. 2B Mark Ellis

  SP Barry Zito
  SP Rich Harden
  SP Esteban Loaiza
  SP Dan Haren
  SP Joe Blanton
  CL Huston Street

I just KNOW that somehow, someway, on his first AB of the season, Kendall will find a way to ground into a double play.

My question to you, AN, is given the A's roster right now, what lineup card would you write for Opening Day, assuming the Yankees send lefty Randy Johnson to the hill?

Some former A's news...
Image hosted by
The Rox want Omar Quintanilla to get some more PT at AAA-Colorado Springs.

The Rockies saw enough of Quinta- nilla to feel he could handle the utility infield role at second and short. They also saw enough to feel that Quintanilla, 24, has a chance to be more than a utility player.

But he struggled offensively in the big leagues. A career .320 hitter in the minors, Quintanilla hit .219 in 39 big-league games.

The hope is that by going to Colorado Springs, Quintanilla can continue to develop the offensive aspects of his game.

Image hosted by
Former A's 1st baseman Carlos Pena is not exactly trade un-touchable.

Some OT stuff:
Even when the 49ers win, they still  lose.

SF Chron columnist Scott Ostler gives his  New Year's resolutions.

If I get into any kind of trouble, I will accept full responsibility, unless it's really Miguel Tejada's fault.

I will take a run at the Pulitzer with an in-depth investigation into why basketball players untuck their jerseys when they come out of a game and then go through an elaborate re-tucking ceremony when they re-enter the game. That doesn't happen in any other sport.

I will not make fun of the Giants' elderly outfielders by calling them The Golden Boys or referring to them as "Mick, Keith and Charlie."

If working as a TV sideline reporter, when I grab the coach as he walks off the field at halftime, I will ask him to do a Three Stooges impersonation.

Let the links begin!

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