Rant: Chavez and other things

Really, those who want us to stay positive about this team, you're just repressing the truth.

Tonight was one of the most disappointing games of the year. And it was truly Chavez's most disappointing.

That was an easy win and a guaranteed split. It didn't happen because Billy Beane has constructed a crap offense built around a child (a very nice, talented child--and Miggy was a child, too). It didn't happen because Ken Macha not only thinks Scott Hatteberg should play, but that he should hit clean up. It didn't happen because Dan Johnson gets one swing per at bat. It didn't happen because Nick Swisher has disappeared since...well, since you know when.

I love every player I just named. But no one leads, no one has swagger, no one has the relentlessness that we need right now. Just our same happy go lucky A's, never too far up or too far down.

And, God, I'm sick of it. Can I please read in the paper tomorrow that someone destroyed a water cooler or upended a buffet table or punched a teammate. Anything.

Who even wants to see this team in the playoffs. I mean yes, I'll watch every game, almost every inning, the rest of the way, but there is no way to believe in those nine guys that are our lineup. Consider how much better Cleveland's lineup is for a second. Or anybody's for that matter.

I'm with Oaktoon--who has been completely vindicated in his belief that additions should have been made. That Daric Barton or whoever else should have gotten the at bats that Hatteberg gets.

And about that: Hatteberg (another great guy, really--we all love Hatte, me included) was just horrible at the end of last season. He never should have returned. And yet we've wasted another year with him. And it is making a real difference. Just consider last night's double play. Or the dp he hit in the ridiculous Saturday night loss to KC about a month ago at home.

What else? Somebody should chew Chavy's ass out. Should get up on a bus and call him out the next time he opens his mouth to concede something. He's the king of the concession speech, year after year, week after week. You all know that. But did you hear on Fosse's show when he said that after the birth of his son he could have cared less if we won or not. What a dick. You can think that, but you can't say it. And really, you shouldn't even be thinking it. You make millions of dollars, and you should care. You had a child. It's a beautiful thing. But that means you can't care. Shut up and get a hit.

After games like tonight, I feel like Chavez. It's hard to care about this season and this team. It's just too much of the same torture that we've been undergoing for 6 years.

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