By nature I am not a conspiracy theorist. I think Oswald killed Kennedy alone, Ray killed King alone and Roosevelt didn't know the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor.

Having said that I am convinced that in May, Macha and BB did have the confrontation where Macha told him to "fire me or leave me alone to manage my way."

At that moment Macha knew he would never be rehired in Oakland, win or lose, and I also think he probably decided he didn't want to stay anyway.  He is old school, BB is new school and their philosophies are different.  I am giving Macha lot of credit here suggesting he does have a philosophy.
At the time of the confrontation the A's were out of it, and I think BB figured this was not the A's year anyway, so he did nothing to Macha.

But then a funny thing happened, the stars aligned, some guys came back, DJ was inserted of necessity, and the A's took off, surprising BB no doubt, and since Macha is clueless he probably thought his great idea of having a no power, .261 hitter leading off was what caused us to start winning.
In any event, unwarranted praise was heaped upon Macha, a team which everyone picked for last was now fighting for 1st, and of course the manager gets the credit.  
I don't believe for one minute that BB was fooled about this team, he sees too clearly the flaws in this team, and knew it would be a miracle for it to win, nevertheless, at little expense he got Payton, Kennedy and Witasick.

In late August, Macha complained to the press that his bench was too weak and it prevented him from making moves.  BB responded by gutting his AAA championship team which was heading for the playoffs, thinking correctly that the A's just might be able to steal a championship.  Up came Watson (MVP of his team), Bynum, Ginter was recalled, Cruz was brought up.  He even signed a mediocre catcher, excuse me if I don't learn his name.  That would free Melhuse to play more. (wrong)

Funny thing happened, Macha used none of them, he refused to use any of them,just sat them down and let them rot.  Cruz who openly expresses a desire to start is inserted as a reliever.

Now we are a short 18 games from the end, and every day, rain or shine, it is the same "set lineup", guys hitting .191 for Sept. just roll them out.

Think of it, no one is going to blame Macha, his bench is short, they are rusty, how can he use them?  He knows he is gone, maybe he wants to be gone, I think so personally.  
Macha knows every sportswriter in town is going to pillory BB when Macha leaves.  Macha will be defended, "look at what BB did, destroyed the team, they went on to win 85-90 games and BB let the manager go.  Macha was a great manager, he did better than anyone expected."   In reality, the sportswriters hate BB because he is smarter than they are (who isn't?).  BB is new school, Macha is from the old gin and tonic days, the writers like him, he is good copy even if what he says is inane to anyone who knows anything about baseball.
I have a funny feeling that the controversy between BB and Macha had to do with the lineup and I also think that for Macha to change his lineup is to admit at least to himself that BB knows more than he does which from where I sit is obvious.   I think Macha knows he can be macho about this, and can leave to the applause of the writers and at the same time know they will be all over BB, but as we know BB gives a rats ass about any of them.
There is no doubt in my mind that Macha is gone, and I think it has been a foregone conclusion all year.  BB didn't expect this much success so it was irrelevant anyway.  Macha is just good enough for you to lose.

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