10 Things You Didn't Know About Bobby Crosby

Ok, so I mentioned in a comment something about 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bobby Crosby and it was requested that I post it here because some may not have seen it. So I thought, since it is so long, I would post a Diary about it so people could talk about it and post thier thoughts. I know the High Socks Crew will have something to say about Question 6. So for all those who did not get to see it, I hope you enjoy and for those that did see it, now is your chance to chat about it a bit.

Also, please note; I transcribed this off the TV. I was writing as fast as I could and pausing the tape and doing everything I could to get it perfect, but I am not sure how close I got. I did get pretty darn close, but I am sure I missed a word or two somewhere. So please don't quote me on this stuff, this is just for fun and to get the gist of the interview for those of you who may have missed the airing, which let me tell you, some of the best parts were things you just had to see! Anyway, here you go!

1. Why did you go to Cal State Long Beach
Bobby: I always wanted to go to Long Beach, my dad was a scout and he took me to games, so I always wanted to go there.

2. What was it like to represent your country on the 2000 US National Team?
Bobby: Awesome! We got to play all around the country, in Japan and a bunch of other countries, it was awesome.
~Work on your foreign language skills?
Bobby: <laughs> NO!

3. What shortstop did you grow up Idolizing?
Bobby: Cal Ripkin and Derek Jeter. I try to learn as much as I can from those two guys. They're the best that I've seen and I try to take anything I can learn from them and put it into my game.

4. Who is the best all around shortstop currently in the majors?
Bobby: Jeter- I think he does everything well. He fields well, he hits well, he runs well. He's a guy I grew up wanting to be like. If I can play like anybody at Shortstop, it would be him.

5. What player do you fear the most sliding into 2nd base.
Bobby: I don't know if I fear anybody...<laughs> but Orlando Hudson when he is about half way down, he starts yellin at me, "I'm Comin for you Crosby, I'm Comin" He gets on you nerves a little bit, but that's his whole point, is trying to mess you up.

6. Why do you wear your socks so high?
Bobby: You know I always wore them down, until Freshman year in college we went to Regionals at Tex A&M and everyone on the team decided to wear them up, so I wore them up and the guys said, oh you can wear um like that, you look good like that. I don't know if I do, I'm not saying I do, but ever since I've been wearing um up.

7. What is your most prized possession?
Bobby: I have to say my Rookie of the Year Trophie. That was something that meant a lot to me and any award in the big leagues is awesome, but to get one in your first year is pretty special.

8. Who is your favorite Sports caster?
Bobby: Vin Scully - You know listening to him, I wasn't a Dodgers fan growing up, but listening to him and hearing his voice, it is pretty recognizable throughout the US so he was someone who was fun to listen to.

9. You live with three team mates; Melhuse, Harden and Street. What is the best thing and the worst thing about living with three team mates?
Bobby: The best thing is you get to go back and you've got somebody to hang out with and the worst thing, I don't know, if you have a bad game you just want to be away from everybody. You know, if Rich throws a gem and you put forth a couple errors, you know, I'm like, "man I don't want to talk about the game!" I just want to stay by myself. But you know its fun living with the guys.

10. Its been said that you look kinda sorta like an actor, Brad Pitt. So are you team Aniston or team Jolie?
Bobby: Team Aniston
~Wow, you said that with confidence!
Bobby: Ah, Angelina Jolie, she's good lookin, but I think Jennifer Aniston is more my type of girl, definately Jennifer Aniston.

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