Gossip from AN Day 2

Well AN Day 2 was lots of fun, especially once Mrs Apricot and I figured out how to get Hopey to enjoy her first ballgame (by napping).  

I know others will post excellent pictures from AN Day 2. Instead I'll just spread gossip about the ANers I met. Let me say up front that everyone I met was actually very friendly and nice so I won't repeat that about individual people below.

  • Friendly, except for Nico, of course, who was the dark foreboding presence you might imagine.  His supposedly fake evil Nazi accent is actually his real speaking voice. Every time his name was spoken, there was a strange disturbance in the Force. "Nico." -- horses neigh nervously --  See?  He walked around with an AM radio listening to the game, occasionally stopping to make small children cry. Other than that, he was pretty cool.
  • SportySpice is threatening to have an AN gathering in SF. She's braver than I am.
  • Batgirl was actually scoring the game. Old-school! She also claimed that she doesn't have a computer at home and only posts while slacking off at work.  
  • xBhaskarx is one sharp looking dude with shades to match. Put black leather on him and he would look right at home kicking butt in The Matrix.
  • gojohn10 is a stand-up guy who is going to graduate in December (huzzah) with an impressive degree. He needs suggestions for how to move to LA with a young family and not lose your soul. I couldn't think of any ideas.
  • gigglingone was smart enough to sit in the shade most of the game. However, strangely, I did not hear her giggle during my time with her. Suspicious. We almost avoided calamity together, but failed.
  • Baker was cool to sit with and chat with. I forgot Baker was responsible for the "ump lost his courage and whispered safe" story on the Sulk-Off or I would have gotten Baker an extra cookie. Forget your "life" and post more!
  • Zonis may be the only person who can or will properly pronounce "Cuddyer". He could easily start his own business analyzing trade activity around the league. Hot Stove Report watch out.
  • Secret Asian Man is really loud and will yell anything. He is the perfect sports fan. As the BBQ closed he grabbed pounds and pounds of chips and sodas and spread them around the crowd like some Frito-Lay Robin Hood, causing a financial hit the A's may have trouble recovering from. If we don't re-sign Z, blame Secret Asian Man.
  • baseballgirl has the sexiest husky "I'm going to kick your ass" fan voice. Sort of like the lead singer of Hazel, if that means anything to you. She is also the perfect sports fan. She also put in some hard work making rather nice name tags.
  • Brian in 317 does convincing impersonations of other AN posters. That's all I'll say.
  • Susan Slusser is smart, an excellent writer, classy and beautiful.  I reached out to shake her hand and at that instant someone else got her attention. I ended up grabbing her hand unexpectedly. Awkward. Luckily she probably has no recollection of me.
  • She and Mychael Urban were good sports when Melody and G&GG presented them with their gorgeous handmade "I Visited Athletics Nation and all I got was Huston Street's Ass" T-shirts.  Urban actually wore his. Those shirts were awesome.
  • Melody not only makes great T-shirts, but considering she disembowels anyone who manages to photograph her, she takes a lot of pictures with her impressive camera. (By the way, if you have that picture of the whole Apricot clan around, could you e-mail me a copy? We have very few shots of the three of us together.)
  • GreenNGoldGirl is not only effervescent and creative, but a sweetie. I was really impressed with the way she, JB and Trevor interacted (see amusing clown anecdote). I hope she got pictures of the T-shirt she made before she gave it to Slusser.
  • Maya is pretty darned adorable and has big cute cheeks. LurkerD's daughter and McFood's daughters were lovely as well.  A's fans have the best kids.
  • lexdevil was likely the most committed fan there. She actually had to leave on an international flight around 4pm and stayed through the third inning. We're talking SFO not OAK. Also her earrings looked even cooler in person than on screen.
  • MrsBlez was thoughtful, wise and charming. We would have loved to have had more time to talk. Maybe in a couple of years Maya and Hope can have a proper playdate.
  • Blez carried Maya with the assurance of a man who's had a lot of home time with her. Speaking as another such dad, I can say we are very very lucky human beings. Very few men get to spend so much time raising their kids and I hope we appreciate the blessing for what it is.
  • In fact, I'm typing this diary with Hopey on my lap. So if I ever seem a little creative when I post it's probably because her sleeping face makes everything in the world seem good or at least worth saving. And if I seem a little dumb or misguided, it's probably because she just puked on me and I hit Submit by accident.

Peace out, cupcake up!

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