A's game piccys. :) Updated!!!

[editor's note, by GreenNGoldGirl] It seems like people are having problems seeing the pictures. Village photos is being a bitch. Sorry about that!!


Here for the first 24 pics

Here for the second eight


Let me start off by saying this to Melody.


I am still stunned, and overwhelmed by the utter sexiness of that picture. :)

OK! On to the game. I arrived there during the second inning, due to problems getting out of my house. I kept forgetting something or my dad kept forgetting something. It was chaos. AND I had to clean up the mess of glitter I left after monkeyball made me laugh. (BTW, it was glitter for my makeup. I got it in my eye.) So, we got to McAfee to the incredible seats I recieved from jb (THANK YOU!!!!!!!). Section 127, row 1, seat 2. I was so close to Adam, I could've reached out and touched him. I was so close to Huston at one point, I had to use all self-restraints possible from tackling him. So flipping hot.

On to the pictures. I must apologize in advance for the bad photography. I need a new camera badly, but I spent my birthday money on a new iPod. Not that anyone cares. Moving on.

I spent a lot of pictures on Adam. That boy is HOT. Not quite baseball caliber hot, but normal person hot. Devo says he's overrated and that the High Socks Crew is giving him a big head, but he's still cool.

He seemed like he was having fun with Huston...

And on the outfield waiting for Bobby Kielty's throw...

And in foul territory "protecting" our players!

Now, I have to give credit to the only two players who were wearing The Socks. Bobby Crosby and Mark Ellis (the regulars) were keeping the infield pretty and colorful.

Mark Ellis

Bobby Crosby

Mmm... Eric Chavez. :) OK. He wasn't wearing the socks, but this is a hot picture!!!

More Adam. He talked to Huston a lot. And, he introduced himself to Witasick. Actually, I think the bullpen made him go over and introduce himself to Witasick. It was your basic conversation. "Hi, I'm Adam." "Hey Adam, nice to meet you. I'm Jay." Boring. The interesting part comes later. :)

Adam talking to Street. Mmm... Street....

After Adam left to his seat, Street prepared himself a drink. I think it was coffee. I have no clue. He sprinkled some stuff into it, so I thought it was sugar. What do I know??

And now, I present... the runners on third.


And Kielty!!!

And Swisher!!! Oh My!!

Here's Adam again. He gets into almost every goddamn picture!!! >:0 Overrated big head. :P

Kielty and Kotsay with big head Adam.

This picture is just for the High Socks Crew. Hell yes!!! :)

Would this be considered sexual harassment?

Here goes another one, just for the hell of it!!

Yay!! High Socks!!!

This picture is just for Jennifer. I was thinking of you the whole time. Huston looked fabulous. I was drooling. He caught me staring a few times. The other guys in the bullpen even pointed at me like, four times. They would point and say something to Huston while I looked away. It was so cool, man!

Running, Running/As fast as you can

Here's Adam again. I love him again. He may have a big head, but he's cool. :) This proves how close I was to him! I think he was eating sunflower seeds. :/

Kinda gross looking if you look at it for too long... Ewww.

The one.... the only... Rich "Sexy Canadian" Harden!! He throws 100 mph and can speak fluent Canadian!

Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.

This is one guy we haven't seen in a while. Mr. Yabu. He was one of the ones who pointed at me. Remember, Yabu, when you point one finger you always have three pointing back at YOU!!! :P

ARGH!! I don't like Adam again. THERE HE IS!!!!!

This one is just for baseballgirl. I know you'll love it. :)

Don't you feel special, baseballgirl?

Ricardo Rincon would NOT stop staring at me. It was weird. I think he heard my dad and I talking in Spanish, or something. He kept looking over at me. Then, my mom called my cell phone, and of course, I was talking to her in Spanish. I think he listened to the whole conversation.


Oh my god! I like Adam again. He made me and my dad laugh. The bullpen sent him to the dugout to get food. Street got a granola bar and the rest got sunflower seeds. One of the bullpen pitchers wanted something, so he ran back to the dugout. When he came back, he was like "Sorry. No more." The guys in the bullpen groaned. :|

Run Adam, run!!

Faster, goddamnit! We're hungry!!!!

I also got a piccy of Kiko Calero walking by. Must... not... touch...

Kiko! Nothing creative comes to mind. Crap.

More Adam. Great.

I swear, I could touch him.

I can't remember how this happened. All of a sudden, I turn around, and there's a hot man on second (which seemed to happen quite a bit... it happens when you're not paying attention because STREET is to your left.)

Yummy. Swisher. Me loves him.

Don't we all love stretching? I was talking to my dad, and I turn around as see THIS. Wow. Umm.. I was surprised. :)

I bet you Barry can do this. :P

There's enough Chavvy ass to go around!!

Lovely, lovely. Look! He's on his tippy toes!!!

Heeeeeeeeeere's Witasick! He reminds me of Mecir. The horror!!!!!!!

My dad was impressed, but still very, very pissed off about Byrnes. He was his favorite player.

Bullpen (or Rickey) shot. Not too good. Can't see Street!!

Yay!!! We won!!!!

Here's Street. He's running away from me!!! But, there's Street's ass... so it's all good. :)

I had a LOT of fun. Meeting Devo and Melody was great. I was sad I didn't get to talk to them for long. :( Ohh! Adam story!! I was walking back from section 119, (I was looking for Devin and never found him...) and as I'm getting into my seat, I hear Adam say "I'm just too strong, man, too strong!" as he grabs his arms. I have no idea what the conversation was before that, but it was hilarious to walk into.

I'm tired. It's 12:45 AM. If you didn't notice, my explanations got shorter... and shorter... and shorter... I'm going to sleep. Enjoy the pictures!!! :)


I have woken up after only seven hours of sleep. :P Not cool. Since Melody complained, I am obliged to add. Stupid Adam got in every picture!! (I hate him again.) Big head.

Again, I must apologize for the crappy pictures. At some points, I had to take the camera out so fast so Huston wouldn't pass me by, that I just ended up taking a really, really bad picture. No wonder I failed Photography. :(

Let's not get into depressing themes, please.

It seemed like everyone was running away from me. I looked at Kielty a couple of times, and *he* wasn't afraid of me. He even smiled. Adam, though. OMG. The kid wouldn't get *over* himself! I looked at him a couple of times at the beginning of the game, and throughout the game, he looked back to see if I was looking. Or... at least that's what it seemed like. My dad pointed it out. I wanted to take a picture of him looking straight at the camera really, *really* badly, but I didn't. I didn't want to scare him. OK!!! NO MORE ADAM!!!!!

How about some Kotsay? Just for you, Sharon.

Kotsay must wear the socks... MUST.

I think this was the top of the fourth. Maybe the top of the third. I was distracted. I wasn't paying attention to the innings until the fifth. Too much around me.

Kots and Kielty. Kielty was nice to me. A 15 year old girl staring at him doesn't freak *him* out.

Duke kept running back and forth between dugouts. It was funny. I tried to snap multiple pictures of him, but he ran in front of me almost as soon as I sat down. It was impossible to take the camera out in time. And I was stupefied that the players were that close.

Duke. He was having fun talking to... wait. I can't talk about him anymore. He shows up too much. :|

In the second inning, Chavvy hit a laser home run off of Park. It was amazing. It happened about 15 seconds after we sat down. It was gone in like, two seconds. It was great.

Chavvy outside the batter's box before the at-bat. He would start the scoring by a 3rd inning leadoff home run. Incredible. :)

As one of the half innings ended for the Rangers, Kotsay came running off the field....

Quickly followed by Swisher.

I was literally, jumping in my seat.

I tried to get a shot of Barry, but with the crappy camera and stupid tarp in the way, that didn't happen. I *did* however, see him stand up and walk over to the place where the trainer stands. He stayed there for a while then went back to the dugout. He was smokin'. He had no hat on and his hair looked stunningly gorgeous. I'm getting chills just remembering! :)

Swisher waiting for his turn to bat. And there... you see Macha! My mom says he should do a gum commercial because he chews like a cow.

This is Huston turning away from me... (he always ran with him head down. Bastard. No! I love him.)

This is Huston ducking... (oh, and that other person is Witasick, if you were wondering...)

Must... avoid.... piccy...

And this is Huston looking straight at the camera!!!

"WTF? She's taking *another* picture???"

For the final picture, I'm going to have to admit something. I'm sorry if I've let anyone down. I have tried to ignore it when we play he Rangers, but it's difficult to overlook. Michael Young is *foxy*. He's hot, man. I hope I didn't dissapoint anyone.

I wonder what he's doing... :)

Is that better Melody? I hope so.... ;)

Oh, and for the people who can't see the pictures:

The pre-update picture links are down in a reply to Jennifer. The updated picures are here. I hope it works!

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