Swish, Street, and Blanton naked at Pyramid (w/ clothes)

It was all about Swisher tonight. Street was stuck in traffic on the way from Livermore, but Blanton and Swisher chatted it up with Buan for the first half an hour. The highlight - after those last couple of pictures and getting Street to sign my copy of the 2/05 Beckett - was Redneck Jeopardy. Swish edged Blanton. Street didn't get a single answer right.

All three hung out for quite a while signing and taking pictures. Very generous of them.

Hope you like the pictures.

Since there seemed to be some demand, a bit more about "Redneck Jeopardy"

The Categories included, "Drinkin'", "Drivin'", Eatin'", "College Football Rivalries", "Fill in the Blank", and "Dukes of Hazard".

In "Drinkin'", I was embarassed for everybody when they failed to get a question on a Kentucky Bourban that has been distilled since the 1500s (I think that's right). To everybody's embarrassment, Swisher answered Jack Daniels. Street did a little better, answering Maker's Mark - which is at least a Bourbon - though his answer should tell us a lot about his redneck credentials. The Kentucky boy, Blanton just stayed silent, though. If any of you don't know the answer, I am truly disappointed.

Swisher redeemed himself though, by correctly answering "Moonshine" before Buan had finished reading the question. A third question in "Drinkin'" was about a microbrew named for the town in Texas where it is brewed. Needless to say, I knew everything in that category.

The best question in the "Drivin'" category was why don't NASCAR fans like Jeff Gordon. Swisher answer correctly, saying that "he talks to good and he's too pretty." Buan added that he wins too much and that he has all of his teeth would also have been accepted. Other questions included, what are the only types of trucks that are acceptable and what are the only pictures that are acceptable on mudflaps.

It's safe to say that Blanton and Swish are not big football buffs, as they completely tanked that category, which included questions about Kentucky and West Virginia schools. The category was pretty much done by the time Swish got there, but he confirmed that he could have answered the "Red River" question correctly.

And, yes, they did each have a beer or three. Especially Swish, who was a totally nice guy, very gracious.

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