Yabu's Message [Translated]

Hi everyone.
If you have ever have gone to Yabu's website,, you've probably noticed it is in all Japanese. So, I thought I would just do my best to translate his latest two messages, if case any of you are wondering what he has been thinking of his experience so far. Also, I just think it's interesting.
I am not yet fluent in Japanese, so bear with me in the translation. My friend, Taku, also helped. Enjoy.


--Entry May 16--  "May Message"

Hello, it's Yabu. The season has started and one month has already passed. I'm getting used to the environment here and Major League Baseball has been enjoyable in various ways.
Although not all teams are not waging war on each other yet, the individual players have been interesting.
Although everyone is calling the results of our team to be unsatisfactory, they have a very bright future still ahead.
I plan to pitch in whatever role left in order for me to contribute to the victory of this team.

[There was also a little note on the bottom, but I couldn't really understand it.]

--Entry June 6-- "June Message"

Although we're now entering June, in Japan it is the rainy season currently. In Oakland, it's about 12 degrees to 25 degrees always, it is not hot and at night games as well [ somewhat chilly in many cases].
Although I have been pitching in relief since the opening of the season, it is not different from the time I was a starter. There is a certain amount of rotation for relief pitchers here, and it is used really carefully in order to lengthen a pitcher's life.
I usually wait in the bullpen, resting my shoulder, my participation is not needed yet, when they call from the bench and I warm up, surely to come in. So, my shoulder is not used vainly or without purpose.
My pitching has stablized without the ability to dig into the ground at the end of my delivery, since the mound was somewhat sticky and hard, so it was hard to perform.
Although Koshien had this, the natural grass is very nice and pleasant to play on.
Since I am in such a good environment, I am taking the best care of my condition and resting during this season.


Again I have to say that I am still new at this, but, this is pretty much what Yabu-san wrote. Hope you guys found this interesting.
(Note: Koshien is where Yabu used to pitch for the Tigers in the NPB).

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