Sympathy for the Giants

I've only lived in the Bay Area since 2000, so I don't have the same level of Giant Hate as most folks here do. I also don't go to interleague games. I go to games with my little girl, so we try to avoid monster crowd nights with invaders in the stands.

So I've got more sympathy than most for the West Bay fans, especially this year... because man alive, I've never seen a less interesting team. And I used to be a Phillies fan.

Specific reasons of boredom in the Extended Copy...

  • With the unlikely long-term exceptions of Ellison and Niekro, there is not a single position player that's fun to watch, or will get better in the next 3 years
  • With Schmidt and Benitez out, there isn't a plus arm on the entire pitching staff. Tyler Durden Walker is the closer right now. ("This is your save opportunity, and it's ending... one line drive at a time...")
  • With Bonds out, their best hitter is Feliz, a 30-year-old guy who has never been able to get a lot of at-bats in a season, because he's just got such terrible plate discipline
  • Their minor league system last produced an All-Star level position player in... um.... let's see... Will Clark? Matt Williams? Orlando Cepada? Somebody help me here, I don't have my copy of the Historical Baseball Abstract handy...
  • I know the park is nice and all, but why would you want to spend the same on 5 games a year that A's fans do for 20? (And that is why I'm not looking forward to a new park...)
  • Rooting for the Giants seems to be the same as taking the burned-out remains of other teams, convincing yourself that they're going to have A Good Year because they are now wearing your shiny new laundry, and ignoring the fact that your own kids never pan out or stay healthy.

And, of course, blaming any problems on Those Darned Injuries, which mysteriously seem to follow around teams that sign lots and lots of old ball players...

With Beane, the A's always have a plan. It might not always work out, and it might drive me nuts to see strike one go straight down the pipe, begging to be hit... but there's a level underneath.

With the Giants, it's like getting new furniture every 6 months from the furniture rental store. And hey, I'm sure the living room would look a lot better if you just replaced that sofa.... but the smell is always the same. And it's not a nice smell.

Here's hoping for a sweep, so I can stop reading how the series is .500...

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