game 4, 1989 world series

If you go to this link,

You can watch game 4 of the A's 89 sweep of the giants on, for free.  The videos are of lower quality than are those normally on but the quality is good enough to still enjoy the game.  I got to watch the game earlier this winter and it just made me smile.
I remember that time well.  I was 12 years old and I remember exactly where I was.  During that weekend I was camping with my cub scount troop and we were watching the game on somebody's portable TV.  The trip was scheduled I think as a tension breaker after all of the stress of the earthquake, as much for the parents as for the kids.  

There was a good mix of terrified giants fans and happy A's fans in both the scouts and the parents.  The A's fans went nuts when Rickey lead off with a homer while the gnats fans growned.  When we got out to an 8 nothing lead life was wonderful.  Then, the power went out on the portable TV.  That was ok because somebody had a radio.  We listened as the gnats started a small comeback only to be shut down.  

I remember the last out like it was yesterday; Brett Butler hit the first pitch towards the hole on the right side, McGwire dove to his right and got a piece of the ball while Phillips scampered to his left to get the ball.  Tony threw to Eck covering the bag. and THE A'S WERE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!

The cub scount troop was a huge mix of emotions, us A's fans were spraying each other with root beer as if we had won ourselves while the gnats fans were sullen and sad.  MY 8 year old brother giants fan was hugging my mother, also a giants fan, with her trying to stop his crying.  My 10 year old brother was in the rootbeer soaked melee with me as he is to this day also an A's rooter.  My Giants fan dad was nowhere to be seen.  

I was part of the few fans who ever get to see their team, the team that is lived with and died with, get to win it all and be the best team in the land.  I remember it very well and it reminded me of a hugly happy moment and time in my childhood.

I really do love the A's giants rivalry because it brings my family together as there is a mix of A's and Giants fans.  I have my lines that I use to bug my gnat fan family members.   I remind them when I feel that they are showing symptoms of "championship envy" and I often pretend to hand my  dad an imaginary SF giants championship trophy.  I shout 1989 a lot at my youngest brother when I am at a ballgame with him.  In other words, I love being a fan in the context of my family.

The purpose of this diary entry is to ask anyone here at AN if they have any stories about where they were when the A's won it all in 89 and what other memories they might have about being a fan at that time period.  I think that it would be a nice break for this dull time of year when we are waiting for the last few days to pass until pitchers and catchers report.

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