Response from ESPN about lack of coverage on Milton Bradley trade

I didn't know where to put this, since no one is gonna look back to Blez' original article about ESPN's bias and the lack of coverage on our acquisition of Milton Bradley.

But anyways I got a letter back from ESPN's assistant to the ombudsman and thought I'd share it with you.  I'm sure it doesn't mean much since it's only an assistant, but it was good to see that other people complained too.  I'm wondering how many others were AN members...

Here is my original letter and the response I received this week from ESPN is below:

Dear Mr. Solomon,
I write because frankly, I was quite dissappointed tonight with ESPN's coverage of the Oakland Athletics' acquisition of Milton Bradley.  It was given practically no airtime on ESPNEWS (in favor of a trade rumor from the New York Post...which in my eyes, is a not a reliable news source), and when it finally was covered, the information provided was inaccurate!

What's up with that?  For the A's, this is a BIG acquisition.  In all of baseball it's a big acquisition!  We gave up only 1 minor league prospect for 2 MLB-ready players!  How is a trade RUMOR bigger news than actual NEWS??

The error in reporting, combined with the lack of attention anyone other than the biggest-market teams get, is incredibly frustrated and reflects a clear bias in your programming.  In my eyes, it takes away from any integrity ESPN has, because it's clear you only focus on the major markets--nothing else.  I'll put it in stark terms: YOUR TOP PRIORITY IS NO LONGER SPORTS, IT IS MONEY.  This is wrong to make clear to fans, even if it is the truth.

Coupled with's shift to the insider service, which completely precludes me from having access to ANY useful information that I previously could get on your site without having to pay, this latest ESPN guffaw is the last straw.  I'm done with you guys, unless you can do something to ameliorate the situation.  I know I'm not the only one that's unhappy and I'll make sure to spread my dissatisfaction with ESPN to all those I know, which is actually quite large considering the voice weblogs give people today.  Then again, I doubt I'll ever hear back from you or anyone else at ESPN regarding my actual opinions on the matter because you're too busy focusing on the Yankees/Red Sox, Lakers/Heat or USC to care about a mid-market contender that won't go away.



You're certainly not the only one upset about the Bradley coverage. Hopefully George [Solomon] will get some thoughts in his next column. Appreciate your email. Thanks.

Scott Goldstein
Assistant to the Ombudsman

This is hardly the response I wanted, so I'm not going to go away.  I'm gonna keep pestering them.  You all should too if you want to see more of the A's on Sportscenter.

Then again, when we win world series this year, they'll have to talk about us. <knocking on wood>  But first, I expect them to do some good talking when we get Frank Thomas! <increases frequency of knocking!>

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