Daily Link Dump 110705 - Rookie of the Year Edition

The offseason News sure is slow.

Well, its officialy Monday, and we are simply awaiting the countdown till Huston Street is named American League Rookie of the Year... or is robbed unjustly by some dasterdly foe, maybe Cupcakes.

It appears that David Forst isn't looking to go to Boston, so maybe there's truth to the Forst for GM Rumors...

Per Rotoworld/Boston Herald:
The Red Sox still haven't asked permission to interview any GM candidates, increasing speculation that they'll replace Theo Epstein from within.
Current GMs Doug Melvin (Milwaukee), Kevin Towers (San Diego), Brian Sabean (San Francisco) and Terry Ryan (Minnesota) have already taken themselves out of the running for the job, and sources close to Baltimore's Jim Duquette and Oakland assistant David Forst told the Boston Herald that neither is interested in the job. Blue Jays director of player personnel Tony LaCava and Indians assistant GM Chris Antonetti still could be candidates.

Its a "Sources Close"  comment, so take that with a grain of salt, but since its not on acquiring a player or trading someone away, it might have some creedence, that, or some CWR...

A nice Diary to pimp down below, where we are trying to figure out what the hell is happening with the tickets next year. Apparently the entire 3rd Deck will be unavailable to purchase, which leads us to speculate that Wolffe is finaly taking action against the walkups and going for his artifitual scarcity.

Ng could become the first female GM in Baseball. Honestly I don't like it because while Ng is qualified to be a GM, the only reason a prick like McCourt would make her a GM is because he's taken so much flak from the DePodesta firing that he wants to regain the PR by signing the first woman GM. After a year or so, and after the LA Media goes after her like they did DePo, he'll fire her and look for the next fad GM or Public Relations move he can make to cover his own idiocy. That, and I'd rather McCourt hire some dumbass scouts GM that we can fleece in a trade, instead of a smart GM.

And finaly, thanks to Rly, the Story of the Year!

I'll leave you with something the DLD has missed the last few days, a funny pic!

I find your lack of faith disturbing...

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