Baseball Rules 101 #10 (with quiz's answer)

The last baseball rules quiz can be found here.  It was definitely the toughest one yet.  As I said, don't feel bad if you got it wrong.  You can ask 25 players, managers and broadcasters and I'd bet they'd all get it wrong too.

On to today's quiz covering catcher's interference (which I'll refer to as "CI" in the answer choices):

There are runners on first and third with nobody out.  The batter swings at the pitch and hits a fly ball to medium center field.  On the swing, the batter's bat made contact with the catcher's mitt.  The umpire immediately rules "Catcher's Interference."  The play continues and the center fielder catches the ball.  The runner from third tags up and scores easily and the runner from first stays at first.  What will be the end result of this play?


With 88 votes in, 19 people have voted correctly in saying that

the manager of the team at bat can elect to take the penalty for CI or the result of the play. Here are some excerpts from rule 6.08 (c):

"If catcher's interference is called with a play in progress the umpire will allow the play to continue because the manager may elect to take the play...Examples of plays the manager might elect to take: 1. Runner on third, one out, batter hits fly ball to the outfield on which the runner scores but catcher's interference was called. The offensive manager may elect to take the run and have batter called out or have runner remain at third and batter awarded first base."

For the 41 people who voted one of the first two choices, the ball can?t be dead immediately. Let?s say there?s no one on base and the batter hits a home run while being interfered with by the catcher. Of course the home run would stand, and if the umpire ruled the ball dead immediately and gave the guy first base, he would be shot. The ball is NEVER immediately dead on CI. It?s only dead when the play is over, and then the umpire decides what to do. Sometimes that involves talking to the batting team?s manager.

For those who voted the last choice, if the CI had been enforced, the runner from third would NOT be permitted to score. You only advance on CI if you are forced, or if you were stealing a base on the pitch.

Again, the reason many didn?t know this rule is because you?ve never seen it happen. Neither have I. But, like many things in baseball, it?s in the rules just waiting to be ruled upon.

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