Chasing the rings; What $4 million more can do!

Huff makes $6.75 but the leaving players that can bring an Aubrey Huff & a Chad Tracy would drop their combined cost to the A's closer to $4. The A's would have Tracy's rights for another 4 years. Huff being the famous 1-year rental on his free agent year. Huff & Tracy take the pressure off the kids and puts it on opposition pitching. The A's lineup would be one of the hardest in MLB to pitch around. Both players compliment the defense, and help fill existing lineup holes. Huff's salary leaves in time for Zito's extension deal to kick in for 3-4 years and Kendall becomes tradeable in '07, clearing more salary for that season if necessary.

2005 A's Starters slugging vs RHPs

  • 3,987 total ABs vs RHPs; averages out to 446 per position
  • Unfortunately only 2,959 of those ABs were by starters. Only 74.2%. In itself that doesn't mean much. But on the A's that meant over 1,000 at bats at sub levels by backup bench players who proved sometimes spectacular yet subjects of poor percentages. Another 784 at bats by two regulars with .357 & .316 slugging percents did not help.
  • Only 38.6% or 1,541 ABs by starters with a slugging percent of .430 or more! This is the classic lineup that opposing pitchers love to pitch around. All it takes is one or two "better" hitters to miss some games and rallies disappear completely.
  • Our A's appear power challenged. DH, catcher and the bench continue to be areas of concern. Kendall has the no trade deal so we'll need to pick it up elsewhere.
  • 61.4% or 2,446 ABs by players with Slugging percents under .429. (.429 is our best bench player!)
  • Position Breakdown for 2005

At Bats vs RHPs  SLG
RF  339 of 446  .490 - Needed 446 ABs     
3B  409 of 446  .489
1B  276 of 446  .467 - Needed 446 ABs   
LF  195 of 446  .467 - Needed 446 ABs     
2B  322 of 446  .466 - Needed 446 ABs     
SS  231 of 446  .416 - Needed 446 ABs     
CF  403 of 446  .404
DH  347 of 446  .357 - DH is killing us.
C   437 of 446  .316 - No Trade clause until ?07

2005 Alternates vs RHPs
1,028 ABs by Alternates. 25.8% of the ABs were subs of starters by players with mediocre percents. Way too many at bats.
Melhuse .. 84  .429  (+.113 over Kendall)
Scutaro ..305  .423  (+.007 over Crosby, -.033 below Ellis)
Byrnes ...110  .373  (-.031 to -.117) Need upgrade
Kielty ....234  .350  (-.117 to -.140) Need upgrade

2006 A's Starters slugging vs RHPs

  • Payton fulltime in RF is a defensive improvement (Throwing arms) and the veteran's regular spot.
  • Swisher & Tracy split up LF & 1B improving those two positions
  • DJ becomes fulltime DH improving that position over Hatte.
  • Hatte goes into coaching. It's time.
  • If Crosby gets brittle again Macha could play Chavez at SS and follow up with Huff or Tracy at 3B. Or the familiar Ellis to SS and Scoot to 2B.
  • When Kotsay sits out a game the A's have Huff, Swisher, & Tracy to compliment JayPay in CF.
  • This 12-man line up has enough skill and hitting depth to cover at least  two player losses at any position except catcher with Melhuse. Injuries beyond that means it is time to raid the R-Cats.
  • If BB wants to add a rule 5 player to this lineup he can without compromising quality.
  • 2006 ABs/RHP   SLG
    RF        400   .467 (JayPay adds 200 at bats)
    3B        400   .489 (Chavez)
    1B/LF   400   .490 (Swisher adds 61 at bats)
    1B/LF   400   .514 (Chad Tracy 2-year slg %)
    2B        400   .466 (Ellis adds 78 at bats)
    SS        400   .416 (Crosby adds 169 at bats)
    CF        400   .404 (Kotsay)
    DH      400   .467 (DJ adds 124 at bats)
    C         300   .437 (Kendall has a no trade clause until '07 so play Melhuse more)
    10th Man 400   .497 (Huff career slugging %) 10th man Huff would be A's top slugger and play daily. Huff can rotate to positions of need. Huff has handled DH/1B/3B/LF/RF. He is not a defensive wiz, he is OK. Huff is a professional bat. Huff beats up on better teams/staffs. Another A?s weakspot with 12 shutouts.

2006 Alternates vs RHPs
Melhuse .. 84  .429  (+.113 @ C) Play him more.
Scutaro ..305  .423  (+.007 @ SS, -.033 @ 2B)

Interesting 13th man options
Durazo career. .505 Mid season pop? ?Rumored to miss May-June
Kielty career. .350 but much better vs lefties

No room for Byrnes, Ginter, Hatte, (and Ronniemac).

1640 total ABs vs LHP (2005)
'05   ABs/LHP  SLG      2006 Changes

RF         80   .413 (JayPay adds 120 at bats)
3B        216   .421 (Chavez)
1B/LF   123   .325 (Swisher adds 61 at bats) Huff can help
1B/LF    89   .416 (Chad Tracy 2-year slg %, adds 110 at bats)
2B        112   .509 (Ellis adds 78 at bats)
SS        102   .549 (Crosby adds 92 at bats)
CF        179   .458 (Kotsay adds 21 at bats)
DH       99   .325 (DJ adds 124 at bats) Huff can help
C         164   .335 (Kendall has a no trade clause until '07)

10th Man 207   .434 (Huff career slugging %) DH/1B/3B/LF/RF

2006 Alternates vs LHPs
Melhuse .. 13  .077  He is here in case Kendall goes down.
Scutaro .. 76  .263  Last year was much better

13th Man options
Kielty '05 143  .469
Durazo career   .435

No room; Byrnes (82ab .610slg), Ginter (61ab .213), Hatte (117ab .299).

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