MLB Survey... Nothing official, just fun! :)

I'm blatantly copying this off of a Myspace bulletin, but I thought it was fun and wanted people on AN to take the survey. :) Besides, I think it would bring back some nice memories...

1. Favorite team? Oakland Athletics, baby.

2. Favorite player? Barry Zito!! Come on... everyone HAS to know that. ;)

3. Least favorite team? The flipping Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or Orange County Halos of Riverside or whatever the hell they decided to call themselves. GRRR. I hate 'em.

4. Least favorite player? I really, really, really dislike Barry Bonds. Can't stand the guy. I can't stand Jason Giambi, either.

5. Favorite player on opposing team? Ahhh! Only one??? I can't do it!!

6. High point of season? Being at the Rich Harden "Almost Perfect" game right after the All Star Break. I got to sit in the first row by the bullpen AND Richy almost threw a perfecto. Can you say awesome??

7. Low point of season? Today, man. I hate the end of the season. I start getting depressed then go into like, a major hibernation where I go through Baseball Withdrawl. It's like A's Fans Anonymous (A'sFA).

8. If you could make a team from all the MLB players... who would be your first pick? This is a no brainer.... Albert Pujols! ;) "He's a monster!"

9. One player on your favorite team you would love to see gone? <thinking> Rincon. I mean, yeah, the guy had... some upsides... but...

10. Did you believe Rafael, Mark and Barry? Heck no.

11. What team are you rooting for in the playoffs? Braves!!!! Go Huddy!!!!

12. Who do you want to win AL and NL MVP? Hmm.... How about Huston Street for AL AND for NL 'cause he's that good? No? Alright... Ortiz for AL and either A. Jones or A. Pujols for NL. I can't decide, really.

13. Who do you want to win AL and NL Cy Young? [Ahem] Is it realistic for Huston to win both of these?? I mean, he IS a pitcher... Still no? FINE. I bet you Shrek is going to win the AL and I want Willis to win the NL. :)

14. Who do you want to win AL and NL Rookie of the Year? Can you guess who I want for the AL? ;) Huston for AL and Jeff Francoeur for the NL. :)

15. Who was the biggest "flop" this year? Oh... I'd have to say Keith Ginter for the A's, Steve Finley for the AL West, Sammy Sosa for the AL, Carlos Beltran for the NL and building a team around Bonds for MLB. Yeah, I've given this a little thought....

16. If you could be ANY major leaguer for a day, who would it be? I'd be... damn... I don't know. Maybe Rich Harden because I'd radiate with sexiness AND I'd live in a house with Street and Crosby. Then again, if it was Rich's day to start, he'd have a Cupcakes-like meltdown like in Tampa Bay when he gave up like 9 runs in 2/3 innings. Yeah, that's exactly what would happen... ;)

17. Ballpark you would most like to visit, but haven't? Fenway, hands down. That park looks like an amazing place to watch a baseball game.

18. Are you happy with how your favorite team did? Yeah, although I believe deep down that we could've done it.

19. What pitcher will Alyssa Milano date next? I don't know, but she better stay the hell away from Barry Zito. I mean it.

20. What big-name player will get busted for steroids next? I hate steroid speculation. I'm not answering this question.

21. Last question - What do you foresee for your team in 2006? WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS. It's possible!!! :)

Have fun. :)

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